Durst digital printing

Brixen, Italy – 23.05.2024 – Durst Group, a global leader in digital printing and production technologies, is optimizing FLYERALARM's web-to-print processes with its Smart Shop and Smart Editor software solutions. By integrating Durst's software solutions, one of Germany’s leading e-commerce companies for B2B printing products will enable the design of personalized printing products directly in the web browser and automate the entire order processing and sales of products and services.

“A successful customer journey in the B2B sector also requires a comfortable, user-friendly, and intuitive user experience during the ordering process,” says Dr Gunnar Finck, member of the management board of the FLYERALARM Group. “The applications from Durst Group will bring significant improvements to our layout services as well as the entire ordering process.”

The introduction of the Durst Smart Editor marks a significant advancement in FLYERALARM’s online business processes. This cloud-based application allows customers to design personalized printing products directly through their web browser, greatly enhancing the user experience. The real-time visualization feature enables customers to see their designs immediately and view the final result in real-time. With the integration of the Durst Smart Editor, FLYERALARM will offer its customers additional interactive and customizable printing options. By integrating the Durst Smart Shop, a comprehensive e-commerce solution from Durst Group, FLYERALARM taps into further optimization potentials. This groundbreaking web-to-print platform allows customers to customize their print orders based on various features, ensuring a seamless and comfortable ordering process. The platform's flexibility also allows customers to place orders 24/7 and easily access order information, further enhancing convenience.

“We are honored that FLYERALARM has chosen Durst's software solutions to improve its web-to-print processes,” says Michael Deflorian, Business Unit Manager, Software & Solutions, Durst Group. “With innovative solutions like Smart Shop and Smart Editor, we can enable FLYERALARM to offer its customers an unparalleled online print shopping experience while further strengthening its position as a leading e-commerce company."