The company history of Durst

The company history of Durst Phototechnik AG is closely related to the biography of Julius Durst, without whom the company Durst, which proudly bears his name today, would not exist. Although the technology today make us a completely different company compared with the early times of Julius Durst, his drive for innovation in the field of visual communication still shape the spirit and the culture of our business today.

80 Years of Experience

This presentation provides and overview of the development and the milestones of the company from its establishment by the brothers Julius and Gilbert Durst in 1936 to the Oberrauch family joining as ´financiers`.


We are a worldwide leading manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies and the first choice to run and transform to digital industrial production processes. We focus on efficient and environmentally friendly production technologies that are facilitated by digital change. Based on our independence as family-owned company, our values, talents and financial strength, we continuously invest in competencies and innovation. We strive for customer excellence and quality in all steps involved.


To earn loyalty and respect from our customers and employees by providing high-tech systems and solutions in the highest quality and by being true to ourselves: ›A little big business with firm roots in Tyrol‹.

Core Values


No matter how complex the problem, success comes through simplicity.

Focus On Purpose

If it doesn’t benefit the strategy, don’t waste energy on it.


Forms the basis for productivity and supports creativity.


Is tangible among employees and clients, and measured in the overall success.


Be on the same side. Speak the same language. Head in the same direction.


Take responsibility and be accountable for your actions.


Think. Respond. Optimize.


Love it. Change it. Leave it.
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