Durst digital printing

Durst Smart Shop, the web-to-print solution tailored for the printing industry, has been awarded the prestigious Pinnacle Product Award at Printing United.

Printing United Alliance stands as the most comprehensive association serving the printing and graphic arts community in North America.
The Pinnacle Awards is the most prominent and respected award within the industry, focusing on the recognition of outstanding technologies and products related to printing. Durst Smart Shop has been awarded this esteemed Award for enabling true web-to-print functionality and providing seamless integration of ordering, production, and delivery.

Durst Smart Shop is a web-to-print solution designed to successfully implement B2B and B2C solutions, scalable from a preconfigured out-of-the-box web shop to a customized e-Commerce platform.
With the possibility of submitting and managing print orders and print data online, it enables the sales department to flexibly accept and process orders, including print data. At the same time, it gives customers the opportunity to place orders or obtain information about them independently of business hours.

Customers can customize print products by using different attributes, that can be specified in the backend from the shop owner thus ensuring that no incorrect combination can be selected.
The integrated graphical online editor allows personalized products to be designed directly in the web-browser and visualized in real-time.
Thanks to 3D and mockup previews, it contributes in increasing the products’ perceived value, nurturing a deeper engagement and increasing the conversion rate.
Print orders are received as print ready files, ready to be transferred to the RIP.
With Durst Smart Shop is easy to make sure that the customer is satisfied at every purchase, reducing the chances of product returns.