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Tau 330 RSC

Boosts Your Business

  • High Print Resolution
  • High Speed
  • Large Color Space

Tau 330 RSC is a digital UV inkjet labels and packaging printer with a print width of 330 mm (13 in.) and a printing speed of up to 78 running meters per minute (255.10 feet per minute).
This corresponds to a production capacity of 1,485 m2 per hour (15,984 sqft per hour) at a print resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. Equipped with 8 colors (CMYK + W + OVG) for the newly developed, highly pigmented Durst Tau inks, the printer produces outstanding near-flexo print quality and achieves up to 95% simulation of the Pantone color space. In accordance with the Durst Tau motto „Configure Your Digital Future“, the Tau 330 RSC works as a stand-alone printer or as a hybrid solution with the addition of conventional finishing options in the OMET XFlex-X6 series. This gives the user unlimited flexibility in terms of materials and a broad range of applications.

Tau 330

Single Pass UV Inkjet

  • High End
  • Modular
  • 24/7

For applications in the fields of industrial and safety labels, long-term applications in the automotive and electronics industries, the food and beverage sector and in health and hygiene, the Tau 330 offers reliable process stability.
Digital technology enables you to fulfill market requirements, open up niche markets and take advantage of opportunities to remain a step ahead of the competition.

Patented single-pass UV inkjet technology from Durst offers up to seven inkjet colors: CMYK, orange/violet and white. In addition to standard and highly pigmented inkjet colors, the Tau 330 features low-migration and low-odor inkjet colors developed specifically for food and primary packaging printing. The Tau 330 can be outfitted with a variety of expansions. In addition to the two available maximum printing widths of 200 and 330 mm, options such as Corona treatment, web cleaning, insetters, cooling rollers, inerted drying, a 100% inspection system and variable data printing can be integrated.

Tau 330E

Single Pass UV Inkjet

  • Economical
  • High Pigmented Inks
  • 24/7

The Durst Tau 330E UV inkjet printing system combines industrial productivity with impressive efficiency. Time-tested Durst standards for industrial label production, such as print speed, print resolution and print data management were applied to the successful Tau 330.
During development, special focus was placed on outfitting and operating costs so as to noticeably reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).
The new high pigmented inks reduce the ink demand per running meter and therefore the ink costs by up to 21 %.

With Durst Tau 330E UV inkjet technology, production costs can be reduced considerably and one-off orders produced economically. The transparent cost structure for consumable materials enables precise and reliable overall cost analysis.
The Tau 330E can be outfitted with a variety of expansion options. Corona treatment, web cleaning, insetters and variable data printing are also optionally available in addition to the selectable maximum printing width of 200 mm or 330 mm.

LFS 330

Laser Finishing System

Durst LFS 330 is an in-line digital laser finishing system for the Tau 330 UV inkjet label press that incorporates state of the art laser die cutting technology from Spartanics, with a powerful single or dual source 450 watt laser for highest productivity and automatic job changeover to handle multiple jobs in a single pass. While providing a complete digital end-to-end workflow, the complete Tau 330 and LFS 330 in-line system ensures highest productivity as well as superior print and cut quality on a wide range of substrates.


the customizable Hybrid Solution

Tau 330 in-line with OMET Xflex X6 conventional finishing options combines the best of both, the digital and conventional printing world.

OMET Xflex X6 accommodates a whole range of conventional printing and finishing options such as flexo stations for priming and / or varnishing, unwinder and rewinder with motorized roll lifter, web cleaner and corona treatment, rotary die cutting, slitting, and many more ...

High material flexibility and significant cost saving potential with inline priming as well as sophisticated decoration applications for value added label production make the Tau 330 in-line with OMET Xflex X6 ideal for a cost effective and complete “all-in-one” printing process.

Check List for System Integration

Step 1
What business do you want to address?
What applications are required to be printed?
What substrates will be used for printing?
What finished product needs to be supplied to clients?

Step 2
Which pre-press workflow will be necessary?
Which printing technology is most suitable to address your intended business?
Which ink set is most suitable for your applications?
Which finishing options are necessary to satisfy client expectations?

Step 3
Share your requirements with the Durst solutions group. Come to Durst and see our solution capability and test your desired solution.
Evaluate site & facility requirements.
Put in place a project plan.

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