The company history of Durst

The company history of Durst Phototechnik AG is closely related to the biography of Julius Durst, without whom the company Durst, which proudly bears his name today, would not exist. Although the technology today make us a completely different company compared with the early times of Julius Durst, his drive for innovation in the field of visual communication still shape the spirit and the culture of our business today.

70 Years of Experience

This presentation provides and overview of the development and the milestones of the company from its establishment by the brothers Julius and Gilbert Durst in 1936 to the Oberrauch family joining as ´financiers`.

Mission Statement

We are a global corporation in the production of high quality digital printer systems for the decoration and fictionalization of surfaces. Our customers are commercial service providers and industrial enterprises, with products requiring a printed surface design. We specialize in niche markets and strive for leadership in the market segments we operate in. Our aspiration to be No.1 is based on our superior technology and our approach to the customers´ individual needs. Our mission is to supply solutions and systems to our customers to enable them to produce goods of a higher quality and more economically and to open up new business opportunities. We guarantee reliability, production efficiency and maintenance of our products so that our customers can operate successfully in their respective markets. We assume accountability for objectives, assignments, deadlines and statements. Our business conduct towards our global customers, suppliers and consultants is based on long-term partnership, which permits a competitive advantage for all parties. The foundations of our partnerships are mutual trust, open communication and complying with commitments.

We are an independent family owned company- and want to remain so in the future- with a long-term value increase and an assured competitive yield for the owner. We stand by our employees and their needs – even in economically difficult periods. We support our employees and promote a corporate mindset and actions. It is essential for us to encourage our employees to assume responsibility and ownership and to include them in the company’s operational success. Our style of communication is open and direct – eliminating all unnecessary written correspondence. We implement the latest technologies and tools and conserve all resources we utilize. As a Tyrol based company we take on social and cultural responsibility for our lebensraum. We create vocational training and employment for the region. Our research and development contributes towards a knowledge-based society. We promote cultural activities in Tyrol such as public and private institutions engaging in photography or graphic arts.

Ethical Code and Code of Conduct

The Durst Phototechnik AG is a global corporation, operative in the production of premium digital printer systems for the decoration and functionalization of surfaces.

The company strives to generate maximum added value for its customers, to be the employer of choice for its staff and to be a socially accepted company. A high level of integrity and professional conduct is required to achieve this objective. Success in our industries depends mainly on the trust that our customers, our employees and our suppliers as well as our service providers place in us. Further interest groups are governmental- and regulating authorities, competitors, the media and society as a whole.

Therefore it is essential for the management, as well as for staff to attach the greatest importance to the compliance with statutory requirements and internal guidelines and to recognize and abide by fundamental values.

This ethical code of conduct confirms our principles to sustain and strengthen this reliance. Furthermore, the ethical code of conduct serves to ascertain a common value system. The included values and guidelines are reflected in the regulations and directives of the Durst Phototechnik AG and all its divisions.

The Durst management, the administrative- and supervisory board, as well as all levels of managers and employees are expected to comply with these values and principles.

We continuously strive to adapt the ethical code to developments in the business- or regulatory environment and also to our ethical core values. We, the management of the Durst Phototechnik AG are personally committed to the values described in this ethical code of conduct. We pledge to create a framework that will provide ideal conditions for our employees and suppliers to adhere to the ethical code in their daily work.

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