Lillestoff GmbH, Hannover, Germany

In-house digital printing is the future for Lillestoff: "We produce on our own.This brings us closer to our customers".

Lillestoff, one of Germany's most successful international fabric retailers, is a future-oriented company that relies on Durst's innovative, high-performance Alpha 190 digital textile printer. This printer is suitable for printing on a wide variety of fabric types and provides the company with more efficient production, reduced storage capacities and considerably faster delivery times.

"Digital printing is our future. From small runs to industrial volumes, we now produce 90% of our fabrics ourselves, in the highest quality and with vibrant colors. Thanks to the Alpha 190 printer, we can now respond much faster to customer needs, be more independent, more flexible and really print only what we need”. Daniele Gencalp, owner, Lillestoff GmbH

From a small sewing café to an internationally recognized fabric supplier, the Lillestoff GmbH, founded in 2010, specializes in the sale of fabrics with special, Scandinavian designs for the fashion market. Lillestoff now employs 28 people, plus10 exclusive designers from all over the world, and delivers to 28 different countries and operates from premises covering over 2,000 square meters.

"Lillestoff’s designs are special and they inspire our customers,” says Daniele Gencalp. “That made us grow very fast in the last years. Lillestoff's customers include big companies and retailers, but also many loyal DIY customers.”

Until recently, the fabrics had been printed in a factory in Turkey. "With the constantly growing order volume the production cycle simply took too long and became more and more unreliable. Long delivery times, poor quality, incomplete orders and too much waste - we couldn't serve our customers in a professional way anymore," says Daniele Gencalp.

There was only one solution for Lillestoff - to do the printing themselves. After doing their own research, the Gencalps visited the Fespa trade fair in 2017. "We were immediately fascinated by the Durst Alpha 190 printer but had no experience at all in dealing with printing.”

For Martin Winkler, Head of Durst Textile Printing, and his team, that was no problem. Durst provided Lillestoff with several employees to ensure successful installation and commissioning. "The support was great", says Daniele Gencalp. "Together with all the designers, we and of course our two new printers were trained.”

Example Lillestoff design

Durst Alpha 190 at Lillestoff

In autumn 2018, the first self-produced fabrics rolled off the press. "The best decision for Lillestoff. There are no more limits to our production.”

The Gencalps were rewarded with considerably lower production and storage costs after only a short time. "The Alpha190 printer is the ideal solution for us and brings us closer to our customers. Soon we will give up two storage rooms, an important cost reduction! In less than two years we want to reduce our storage space by one third," says Daniele Gencalp. "The investment in the Alpha 190 printer will pay off within only one year if business remains the same. This is important for our company from.”

In addition to many financial advantages, Lillestoff was also able to approach new markets. "We are now also printing for other dealers. This new business area is so successful that we will soon hire another employee to manage it.”

In the meantime, well over 1,000 metres of top-quality fabric per day roll from the Durst Alpha 190 printer at Lillestoff. In addition to the usual fashion fabrics such as modal and jersey, the Gencalps also try new applications, such as printing on denim. Further product developments will follow in the course of the year, so that customers can be curious!

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