Piet Hoevenaars Sign Industries, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

With Durst the quality, speed and uptime has been unbelievable. We sometimes run 24 hours a day.

Piet Hoevenaars employs 45 staff in a business covering many different applications in large-format printing. Whether it’s PVC frontlit, mesh cloth, backlit, artex, textiles, banners, flags or signs, indoor or outdoor work, the sky is the limit.

Working exclusively for resellers, an extensive machine park forms the hub of the business in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, for a business serving BENELUX. Piet Hoevenaars has an enviable reputation as a reliable partner delivering the best service to customers. It prides itself on its investment in latest technologies, a major factor in its continuing growth that is still averaging 25-30% a year.

The company was started by Piet Hoevenaars 33 years. Durst became a partner six years ago and is now the sole supplier of printing systems that range from Rho UV high-speed production printers, Rhotex textile printers and now the latest system – the Rho 512 LED – installed in March 2019, which is the first in Benelux.

A family business, Mr Hoevenaars’ son, Peter, is now playing a key role in continuing to drive the business forward. He said: “We weren’t really happy with the quality of our previous supplier, plus we needed more capacity for our business that is focused on fast delivery times for short-run orders.”

“However, with Durst the quality, speed and uptime has been unbelievable. We have had virtually no problems with any of our nine machines over many years, and we sometimes run 24 hours a day. And Durst is a company that shares the same caring, family values.”

“We provide a first-rate service at great prices, providing fantastic quality with fast turnaround times and short-run orders. Combined with personal service, that is why we only use Durst machines – now nine in total. It is a golden combination.”

“We run a business that is efficient, has an eye for detail and quality, and is extremely competitively priced. Resellers want the lowest prices, which we can provide thanks to Durst. The machines may appear to be a little expensive at the outset, but the fact they are extremely productive and reliable means we have little downtime and the ROI is impressive. We haven’t looked back. Durst is a perfect partner.”

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