Masserdotti Group, Brescia, Italy

Masserdotti Group disguises the cathedral of Ferrara

Over 1,000 square meters of digitally printed mesh net, more than 600 kg total weight, 5 days for printing and packaging, 1 day and a half for mounting at over 30 meters height, 4 years of guaranteed durability. These are the statistics of the huge artistic tarpaulin that covers the exterior of the Cathedral in Ferrara, which has undergone intense restoration work.

It is one of the largest installations in Europe with the extremely rare peculiarity of being totally free of any logos or advertising images. The realization is the work of Gruppo Masserdotti Spa, chosen by customers for its long and consolidated experience in the field of wrapping buildings.

The Brescia-based Group has worked in close collaboration with the artist and the graphic designers of Eliotecnica. It was important to ensure excellent printing performance and maximum durability in the outdoor environment. Made of flame-retardant class B1 PVC, micro-perforated and weighing 510 grams, the sheet, divided into four parts, was printed by Masserdotti Group using the Durst Rho 512R Plus roll-to-roll system and transported to Ferrara for completion. The installation at the cathedral turned out to be a sartorial and at the same time acrobatic operation. The roof was fixed to the top of the scaffolding, more than 30 meters above the ground, and then lowered to the ground.

A total of five days were needed to carry out this exceptional order, which saw the work of a specialized team of 10 people to enrich the prestigious portfolio of installations of this kind undertaken by Masserdotti Group, including the Doge's Palace in Venice (covering 5,000 square meters), the Ghirlandina Tower in Modena (4,350 square meters), the palace of San Sebastiano in Mantua (1,200 square meters) and the Cathedral of Noto (1,000 square meters).

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