Arial, St. Petersbrug, Russia

With the P5 UV printer we are ahead of the curve

In the end of February 2019, the first Durst P5 250 HS UV printer has been presented to customers at Arial in St. Petersburg during an Open House event. The Durst customer Arial, an advertising and production company, works with the P5 UV printer since September 2018 and has already ordered another P5 printer from the same type. One machine is installed and the 2nd one will be installed by end of May. Another P5 250 HS was installed in Moscow as well.

P5 250 HS at Arial, St. Petersburg

Arial produces a wide range of POS materials, posters, backlits, banners and PVC grids, various contact paper products as well as textile goods (soft signage, flags), etc. 80% of manufacturing range falls to interior goods (mainly corrugated cardboard), which makes high printing quality a key factor for any purchase decision. The P5 250 HS fulfills this important customer expectation.
“We wanted to be ahead of the curve,” Olga Bolgar, the Chief Operating Officer of Arial advertising and production company, explains the reasons behind the purchase, “Generally, we work with advertising agencies and they are very sensitive to technological innovations that may improve product quality and order processing speed. When we found out about the development of the Durst P5 platform, it became clear to us that this device would be launched in Russia. And as we wanted to be at the top of the list, we immediately ordered a P5 machine”.
Kirill Karelsky, the Chief Commercial Officer of Arial advertising and production company, told how he, on a trial basis, had printed some regular business cards with the Durst P5 250 HS and the print result “has exceeded all expectations”.

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