First TRUE CERAMICS color management system

First TRUE CERAMICS color management system

Key features

  • Specially designed for the conditions in ceramics
  • Strong reduction of testing time with only 0 to 2 test runs to achieve the final tone, thanks to the exclusive patented "Fingerprint" technology
  • Precise, repeatable reading of color batches in less than 1 minute
  • Only system capable of measuring color batches on structured or flat surfaces (no matter of glossy or matt) thanks to the innovative patented Rapid Spectro Cube instant reading device
  • No image file deterioration when repeating jobs over time as Durst-ColorGATE CMS always creates the new printing files from the original image files without correcting already corrected files
  • Support of Photoshop (.PSD and .PSB) and Big-TIFF file formats for processing large image files over 4GB, especially necessary for large size ceramic slabs (> 120x240cm)
  • Works with all Durst and NON-Durst printers (configured with up to 8 process colors with up to 6 additional channels for effect inks)
  • Durst exclusive sales and service partner of ColorGATE-Ricoh for the ceramic market


ColorGATE CMS Durst Edition is the first True Ceramics Color Management solution specifically designed and optimized for the ceramics colors and process conditions in order to provide a very fast, easy and precise color matching for the ongoing tile production, repeating existing products or start-up with new designs on different printers.

Comes complete with the stationary, high resolution Rapid Spectro Cube, ultrafast test target measurement system and comprehensive color management and scanner driver software with unique and patented FingerprintTM job repeating technology. In the following the details of the features included in the basic color management software.

durst true ceramics inkchange cms

Example illustrating the results of the first test run after an ink change and converting the files with Durst- ColorGATE CMS

durst true ceramics color gate cms


  • High resolution Array Sensor Image Capturing Device for very fast and easy measuring of color charts.
  • Reads 10.000 patches in one shot; Total measure cycle < 1 min. independently from the number of patches.
  • Max. tile size is 60x60 cm, max. measuring area is 32x32 cm, minimum readable patch size is 2x2 mm
  • This reliably technology measures ceramic tiles in accordance with the human perception
  • Can read both flat or structured surfaces as well as glossy or matt surfaces
  • Accuracy is 80 % < 0.5 DE2000 Inter Instrument Agreement and in repetition.
  • Heavy duty drawer for easy tile loading

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True ceramics color management system

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