Durst digital printing

Printed wallpaper from the web shop

With the installation of the Durst Smart Shop and their new visualization options, bedruckte-tapete.de has pushed the door wide open into the private customer sector. In addition, the Smart Editor helps the company to expand its range of products very easily and quickly at any time.

What the company bedruckte-tapete.de does is essentially already in the company name, although the managing director Regina Waue has significantly expanded the range in recent years. Today, door foils, wall tattoos, kitchen backsplashes and various photo gifts are also part of the range offered by the service provider from Gifhorn in Lower Saxony. Apart from business customers from the range of the building of fairs and the interior decoration also ever more private customers use the offer. In the private sector in particular, a web store is the success factor par excellence, assures Regina Waue, although a web store is also an important instrument for customer loyalty in the B2B sector.

"With this type of 3D visualization, we can lower the inhibition threshold to the actual order. Since we have been using the new editor, the order rate in our webshop has increased noticeably."

Regina Waue, Managing Director Printed Wallpaper

Page-Builder: a modular system for webshops

The company is already successfully using the third generation of the Durst Smart Shop and benefits from the consistent further developments of the solution. At this point, the managing director particularly highlights the functionality of the Page-Builder, which is available in the current version and truly makes the Durst Smart Shop an out-of-the-box store. "The Page-Builder is structured like a modular system. It's very easy to create or adapt new pages via drag-and-drop. This has helped us a lot to optimize the entire web store and here especially to increase the user-friendliness for our customers from the private sector." The project was implemented without external service providers such as web designers or IT specialists, as Regina Waue assures. "With a little graphic flair, you can design a professional webshop with the page builder, and Durst's support was always there to help us with technical questions."

Smart Editor with powerful 3D visualization tool

Customers can upload their own images via the integrated Smart Editor and get an idea of how the image will look in the desired size in a predefined environment such as a living room, bathroom or kitchen. This applies to about 90 percent, with the rest drawing on various databases such as Adobe Stock or Pattern Design. The customer defines the format in the Smart Editor, specifies the section of the image or graphic and can place any text. A small but very useful tool in daily practice is the analysis of the image quality. At a glance, the customer can see whether the resolution is sufficient for the selected format or not. Finally, a 3D visualization tool conveys how the product will then look in concrete terms. "With this type of 3D visualization, we can lower the inhibition threshold until the actual order is placed. Since we've been using the new editor, the order rate in our web store has increased noticeably." The introduction of the current version has also expanded the range of photo gifts with printed towels, which are particularly popular with private customers. "Smart Editor gives us the opportunity to easily and quickly launch a test balloon to see how the market reacts to our offer. It's really fun!"

Legal certainty is provided

Printable PDFs are also created directly in the web store, which are then subjected to another visual check and then sent directly to the various printing systems. Of course, administrative tasks such as order confirmations, delivery bills and invoices are also created automatically by the Durst Smart Shop. An important issue that is often not given as much weight in the evaluation phase is legal security. This aspect, too, was carefully thought out and neatly set up by Durst. The templates are prepared for the necessary legal security and only need to be filled with the appropriate content. All the points listed make the Durst Smart Shop a mature solution from Regina Waue's point of view. "To date, I have not found a comparable solution. User-friendliness for our customers is absolutely paramount with the Durst Smart Shop. This is where you very quickly reach the limits with other solutions."