Revolutionary Digital Structure Printing

Revolutionary Digital Structure Printing

Key features

  • Revolutionary single pass digital structure printing technology
  • Proprietary Durst “RockJETTM” print head and “VariStructureTM” glaze jetting technologies
  • Development of innovative, unique products with very natural effects thanks to the digitally created non-repeating structures in perfect match with the décor (design).
  • New optical and haptic effects, which emphasize the advantages and naturalness of the ceramic tile even more than other materials. This makes it visually and tactile difficult to distinguish from natural stone, marble, wood products, while having all the superior properties and characteristics of ceramic tiles
  • Selective, high resolution glazing & structure printing technology for natural look
  • Cost effective large particle size glazes (> 45 microns) with high viscosity
  • Up to 1 kg/m2 of glaze and up to 2 glaze bars
  • Full synchronization with Gamma XD (operational and file/data handling)
  • High production flexibility, especially with small batch sizes and frequent product changes, which can be automated and optimized in terms of time and costs.

Sustainable & Cost Saving Technology

  • On-Demand-Production = optimized use of resources
    • Water-based glazes for low emissions
    • Drastically reduced glaze waste
    • Reduced water consumption for cleaning
    • No mold inventory
    • Minimized downtime / optimized energy utilization
    • Economicalshortruns
    • Short total time from design creation to finished product
durst ceramics immediate results

Immediately noticeable added value: high resolution structure printed with Durst Gamma DG ("RockJETTM" and "VariStructureTM" technologies) on a flat tile in total correspondence with the graphics for an extremely realistic, natural look and feel.

durst ceramics fine printing results

Versatility: Printing very fine graphical patterns & natural design patterns with same technology

Durst True Digital Glazing technology for printing ceramic glazes is seen as the next and even more important revolution in the tile sector after digital decoration.

At the heart of this innovative production process is the “RockJETTM” print head and “VariStructureTM” glaze jetting technology, developed and built by Durst specifically for Durst Gamma DG. The Durst Gamma DG is the first high performance single-pass printer for digital glazing/printing of structures on flat ceramic tiles instead of creating the very limited and repetitive structures that do not follow the decoration by means of press molds.

Gamma DG has a modular design and can be configured in width and number of glaze printing series according to customer requirements with the possibility of being further expanded later.

To create structures digitally and precisely in perfect match with the décor is a long-cherished wish of the tile manufacturers. This technology allows one to imitate wood, stones, and marble to be even more lifelike, and thus to achieve a decisive added value in the products and to develop and produce new, unique and so far not possible, innovative designs with visually captivating and tactile effects. In addition to the impressive print quality, the tiles can also be printed simultaneously with two different glazes, for example matt and glossy.

durst group digital glaze wood

Thanks to the total correspondence of the high definition and graduated structure with the natural wood décor, the finished “ceramic” wood floor can hardly be distinguished from real wood


Digital structure printing with Durst Gamma DG also brings important advantages in the development and industrialization phase of new products. It is now possible to test several different structures on a single tile without both additional costs (production of different mechanical molds) and also retooling.

durst ceramics different sizes on same tile

Testing different structures on the same tile – fast and very cost effective product development, especially important for larger tile sizes and tile slabs


One of the biggest problem all ceramic tile manufacturers are facing is the current product flattening (appiattimento) as all companies are using the same technologies which makes it very difficult or impossible to come up with a new and different design which will not be copied within short.

Differentiation by adding more colors or effects is also not the solution as this is all based on existing technologies every other ceramic tile company can adapt and copy very quickly. In addition it will only add costs to the final product, complicate the whole product development, file preparation, color management and production without a clear and immediately visible added value.

With the new, revolutionary Gamma DG digital structure printing technology you can now create very unique and innovative products with a clear added value by digitally printing structures in high resolution and precisely in perfect match with the décor, not possible with any other technology and therefore remaining unique for a longer period of time.

durst ceramics true digital tile manufacturing


  • Gamma Synchronization technology
  • Gamma PrepStation: central job preparation and print monitoring system
  • Industry 4.0 with real-time bidirectional data management
  • Gamma Vision System for automatically recognizing the embossed structure or images printed on ceramic tiles upstream of Gamma XD to create unique and extraordinary effects

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