Rho 1312 "Plus"

The fastest UV Inkjet Printer on the market. Period.

Durst Large Format - Smart4


New revolutionary technology to enhance productivity up to 1.000 m2/h (330 boards/h) in 2 Pass production mode


Unique roll to roll option to print rolls front to back accurately

True White

New option to print white as a layer in one process and for day and night applications

Ink Saver

New feature to create standardized profiles to reduce ink consumption up to 35%

Durst Large Format Printing Rho 1312 Plus

A plus in productivity and versatility.

The Rho 1312 has proven its profitability and convinced users to trust and invest in one or even multiple Rho 1312s. Our R&D team’s determination to excel themselves has led to a new development in strategic components of Durst's proprietary hardware and software. The outcome is “Smart4” and boosts the Rho 1312 productivity up to 1.000 m2/h (330 boards/h) in 2 Pass Pass Overlap. It makes the Rho 1312 faster and more profitable than ever!

Upgrade now to the new Rho 1312 "Plus":

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