Durst Textile Printing at ShanghaiTex 2017


Durst will be showcasing its new generation of super high-performance multi-pass inkjet printers with the One-Step Pigment Ink Greentex P at ShanghaiTex 2017.

The 18th International Exhibition on Textile Industry

27. - 30.11.2017

Booth: W5B50, Shanghai New International Expo Centre

The Durst Alpha Series

The Alpha Series is Durst´s flagship for the industrial production of home textile and fast fashion. With a maximum printing width of 330 cm and step-less quality up to 1450 m2/h the Alpha Series produces 24/7.

The Alpha Series provides:

  • efficient and economic digital textile production
  • cost-covering personalization and printing of small print runs
  • a sustainable and eco-friendly print technology
  • new process solutions for an optimized interaction of print heads, ink system, textile material, fabric type, pre-treatment and finishing
  • best print quality in terms of sharpness, light fastness, flexibility and color intensity

Alpha 330

Industrial production of home textiles
With a maximum printing width of 330 cm, households and decor products as well as advertising materials such as flags and banners can be printed full width.

Alpha 190

Industrial production of fashion
Offers, especially for the fashion sector, various configurations in the entry and exit units to print on super-elastic knit fabrics.

Alpha 180 TR

Industrial dye sublimation printing
Classified for all current transfer papers at maximum quality. “Direct Printing Kit” for fabrics needing deep color penetration.

Ink Technologies

The One-Step Revolution

Durst developed the new One-Step Pigment Ink (Alpha Ink P) especially for the Alpha Series. Standard materials such as cotton and polyester do not require pre- and post-treatment with this ink, so the entire digital production process is accelerated and simplified. Alpha “Greentex P” Pigment Inks deliver brilliant, soft and durable results.

Certified Inks

The reactive and pigment ink systems (Alpha Ink R / Alpha Ink P) are GOTS 5.0-certified. All ink systems allow an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 compliant printing.

Durst Water Technology
Environmentally friendly pigment, reactive and dispersion inks based on the Durst Water Technology:
Greentex Pigment Alpha Ink P
Specially developed one-step pigment ink for outstanding color reproduction while offering a soft look and feel. There is no need for pre- and post-processing steps in most standard applications.
  • GOTS
  • Print on all materials
  • Soft Touch
  • Highest Lightfastness
  • No Pre-Treatment needed
Reactive Alpha Ink R HD
GOTS 5.0 certified reactive ink system. The newly formulated Alpha Ink R HD reduces ink consumption by approx. 30%.
  • GOTS
  • Cotton
  • Household Textiles
  • Fashion
Dispersion Alpha Ink D
Dispersion ink for printing on polyester and polyester elastane mixtures: with a polyester content of at least 50%.
  • Polyester
  • Polyester Elastane Mixtures
  • Good print through
  • Fashion
  • Flags, POP Applications

Textile Application Center

At Durst headquarters in Brixen, customers can test their digital textile printers and optimize their printing processes. Experienced application experts support and advise customers on new inks, materials, chemicals and applications, as well as performing demonstrations for customers together with application consulting.

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