Rhotex Series

Textile & Soft Signage Printing


Rhotex Series

Dye Sublimation Direct and Transfer Printing

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Impression sublimation grande laize | 15 x 5 m – tissu diffusant 205g | Stand Peugeot Mondial de l’Automobile | Réalisation Agence A – Impression FIGAROL
  • Productive
  • Economical
  • Modular
  • Flexible

With the new Rhotex 325 dye sublimation printer, Durst is expanding its successful portfolio of high performance printers for soft signage and textile.

The portfolio now includes direct- and transfer-printing systems for all market needs. Printing on sublimation paper and the subsequent transfer process using a calendar, or direct printing on fabric no longer requires an in-depth knowledge of textile pre-treatment methods and finishing processes, or larger financial investments to start your textile production today.

All Rhotex printers use Oeko-Tex Standard 100 conform disperse dye Inks for odorless, 100% VOC free and skin friendly products for indoor and outdoor applications.

The trend towards consumer individualization, the growing number of textile solutions for POS, as well as web-to-print and print-on-demand techniques provide new market opportunities. These printing systems are suited for polyester and polyester blends, commonly used for soft signage, sportswear and certain home textiles.

Rhotex 325

  • 24/7 Unattended
  • High Productivity
  • Flexibility

With the Rhotex 325, Durst introduces in the 3.2 meter printer class a dual purpose printing system that combines direct-to-textile printing with dye sublimation transfer printing technology. Depending on the application and fabric, this printing system can alternate between paper transfer and direct printing on polyester-based materials in no time.

This is possible, thanks to the new Durst WTS printhead technology, which achieves an exceptionally high-quality print using water-based dispersion inks for various printing materials, and reaches a printing speed of up to 390 m2/hour. The robustly built Rhotex 325 is equipped with an integrated hot air dryer, automated nozzle cleaning system, and additional features for 24/7 production.

Rhotex 180 TR

  • High Quality
  • Versatility
  • 24/7

The Durst Rhotex 180 TR combines industrial production capabilities with maximum print quality and reliability.
The system is designed for a non-stop production. It creates brilliant color, razer-sharp images, and produces an impressive, abrasion-resistant, water-proof result.

Durst also offers an optional “Direct Printing Kit” for printing directly onto fabrics. The changeover time between transfer and direct printing is only a few minutes and can be performed by a single operator.

Rhotex 500

  • Seamless
  • 5 Meter
  • 24/7

The new Rhotex 500 printer series moves “seamlessly” into fabric-based advertising and information media.

With an unparalleled printing width of 5 meters, the Rhotex 500 allows seamless, extra-wide soft signage and true large format products at POS, trade fairs, arenas, theaters, event venues, and public spaces.

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